Irish music from Pauline Scanlon and Éilís Kennedy

Irish Christmas In America

We’re heading back to the States this year again! We’ve been invited back to to join Oisín Mac Diarmada’s ‘Irish Christmas in America’.. we’ll be going coast to coast and a good deal in the middle too. Check out the website for details of the shows..

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  • Barry Rogers says:

    Will you be performing at the Irish Christmas concert on December 8th at Elms College in Chicopee, MA? I ask because your blog says that you’ll be taking a week off from the Irish Christmas tour for your Carnegie Hall performance on December 5th. We saw Pauline perform at St. James Church in Dingle in October (fantastic!), but unfortunately missed Éilís at John Benny’s. We’d REALLY like to see both of you perform at the Chicopee concert here in the States.

  • Sam W. says:

    I am ECSTATIC!!! just stopped by to grab the link to IRL and stumbled unto the fact that you are coming to my town next week. I never thought in a million, billion years I would ever get to see you ladies live. was able to buy a ticket in the FRONT row just now. I swear, I’m about to faint from excitement. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for coming to Chicago. will see you next Wednesday! travel safely and be well. Sam…an extremely happy american fan

    • Sam W. says:

      THANK YOU for a really great show tonight! it was wonderful seeing you and to be introduced to the other fab musicians on the tour. was able to purchase BOTH albums and am listening to “My Dearest Dear” as I’m typing this. now, I can give the YouTube videos a rest. LOL
      thanks again for the autographs and for sharing your beautifully skilled voices with us!! travel safely and have a smashing holiday.

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